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  1. Deborah Zechini says

    My twin boys were turning 26 in about a month and I wanted to be sure that they were covered with insurance, so I called Paul to the rescue. My first concern was that there would be no gap in between switching coverage so we insured them a week before the other insurance expired.

    Paul was so kind and patient with me while he explained the different options and when I was unable to explain it to my husband, Paul made another trip to my house to talk with him.

    I feel so much better knowing that they have some kind of coverage. Thanks Paul!!!

  2. When I quit my job and started my own business, one of my biggest concerns was being able to afford health insurance for my family. My wife and I sat down with Paul and he went over multiple plans with us and gave us the pros and cons of each. The thing I liked best out of that experience was that Paul, not only took the time to go over all of the plans, but explained in detail what everything meant in a way that we both could understand. Needless to say we signed up with one of the plans that Paul recommended and whenever we have questions about any of it, Paul is right there to help us understand it better.

    Thanks for all of your help!

  3. Paul was very professional and knew his product very well. I am very happy with the various programs that were available to me and he let me decide which one to choose. I am looking forward to a long business relation.

  4. Bonnie Sue Ferrari - Nationwide Agent says

    Paul Hanlon is one of the best Health Insurance Agents I have ever met. He makes sure that his clients get the best health insurance plans for their individual needs. I highly recommend him.

  5. Paul Sadler says

    Paul Hanlon has consistently provided my family courteous, professional, timely service for our healthcare needs. His professional expertise and personal care for our specific healthcare needs sets him above others who may understand healthcare plans, but do not take the time to assist clients in deciding the best plan for them.

  6. Because I’m self employed, I had previously secured health coverage through my wife’s employer-provided policy. Through Paul, I was able to obtain better coverage for a lower cost. Paul is personable, knowledgeable, and reliable. It has been a pleasure working with him. We’re saving about $200/month! I highly recommend Paul Hanlon.

  7. Kirsten Lechner says

    I am self employed, and I used to be covered on my husband’s insurance. After my divorce, I needed to find my own insurance. A friend recommended Paul. He helped me find surprisingly affordable insurance coverage to meet my needs. Thanks, Paul!

  8. Paul stopped into our Sweetfrog frozen yogurt store in Cary when we first opened to introduce himself. Being self employed with no insurance, I immediately made an appointment to see him. He was easy to talk to and not pushy, which I appreciated. He wasn’t here to try and sell me the highest cost plan, but the best coverage for me specifically. I highly recommend Paul not only because he’s knowledgeable, he’s honest!

  9. Sheila Plant says

    I echo everything I am reading so far about Paul. He is patient, knowledgeable and most importantly, trustworthy. He didn’t pressure us into a health insurance plan that we don’t need but helped us select a plan that is right for us. He was very warm, and I am very glad we had him come to our home to explain it all to us. I would also highly recommend Paul.

  10. Paul is a very attentive agent. He responds quickly, whether I call or email. He listens to my concerns and needs. And he’s gotten me a great deal. I highly recommend him.

  11. Paul has helped our family tremendously over the past four years. He has been informative, responsive, and has provided excellent service. I definitely recommend Paul for your insurance needs.

  12. Nino Walker says

    Thanks Paul for taking time to answer what had to have been more than 1000 questions, most of them disconnected from the last. Thank you for being understanding that I had to bring my 3 year old son to the meeting. You have been a great help in getting my family through this crazy process.

  13. Dave Dorschel says

    Paul responded to an inquiry I made while searching the internet for information on Medicare supplement plans available in NC for both my wife and myself. He was prompt to provide the information we needed to make a decision; the information was complete and easy to understand. He followed up to insure we had everything we needed and did not push us for an immediate decision. Once we arrived in NC, we met face to face to review available plans and to hear his recommendations. He did not pressure us for an immediate decision, nor did he push just the most expensive plans. His knowledge and professional approach were the best I’ve seen from an insurance representative. As a result, we felt that Paul was one who could be trusted, one who is truly representing our best interests, and one who is concerned about his customers. As we were signing the required paperwork, I asked about plans available for our Grandson, who at the time did not have any coverage. He was able to quickly shift gears and cover plans that might be appropriate. He followed up with a visit to our home to finalize coverage for him. Paul also helped me to select an Rx plan that meets my needs, even though he does not receive any sales credit for Rx plans.
    Paul is not high pressure and is one who can be trusted. We would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a health insurance professional.

  14. Our family wants to thank Paul for his outstanding job. He was very courteous and walked us through the process of getting insurance and it was such a great experience. The whole thing took a few minutes and we were all done. We received the card in about a week. He has such a great personality and is very reachable. We have enjoyed his company and his service. The plan was great and it fits our budget and life style.

  15. Debra Sakowicz says

    Paul was such an asset for me in two ways.

    1. I moved to NC from NJ and was paying high costs. He saved me money for the same coverage. He was always smiling and patient with me while I decided to make the move in plans and then helped with my switch.

    2. I am also working to open a children’s Fitness Center next year and needed costs and programs that Blue Cross offers for employees. Paul showed me numerous plans that I can offer and took time explaining them along with different scenerio’s my employees may have so I can put the best package together. He also confirmed and further explained some of my concerns on the new Healthcare plans I read and heard about.

    I’d recommend him because he really cares about an individual and then provides the best cost and value for what I needed personnally and for my future business. His character and professionalism proved that he cares about people and not just making a sale. He even checked in with me later to see how things were going with the plan I chose. Not many people follow-up once they get your money.

    Thank you Paul for putting CARE and VALUE back into people.

  16. Wow ! Paul Hanlon is an exceptional insurance agent. I first met Paul at a networking meeting in Apex several years ago. Knowing that I had rather have Blue Cross NC; and learning of his skills with many health companies, I decided to schedule an appointment. Beginning with BlueAdvantage several years ago it then came time to roll into Medicare. . .Paul was like a shining star on my behalf. His expertise in dealing with bumper guards and hick-ups along the way were no challenge with Paul. He knew how, he knew when, he knew not to give up and continued the journey and fulfilled my uttermost concerns and calmed the seas of my despair. I highly recommend Paul Hanlon for any of your insurance concerns!

  17. Jennifer Zambito says

    Paul took very good care of me. He treated me as if I was his own daughter. He educated me on the different policies in a way I could understand so I could choose the best one that fit my lifestyle. He is a very patient man who cares about what he does. He never made me feel like I had to buy anything. I would highly recommend Paul.

  18. Chuck Schroeder says

    Paul made this the easiest purchase experience I have ever had. Insurance is one of those things you should have and Paul made it affordable by helping me wade through a number of options to get something an unemployed old person could afford. Excellent, caring, customer centric service. I’d recommend him to anyone that needs health insurance.

  19. After leaving the corporate world and starting my own business I needed someone to walk me through all the health care plans available. Paul recommended the best plan for me and my family and was able to provide a detailed plan comparison to allow me to make the best decision for me. I highly recommend Paul.

  20. Katherine Loflin says

    Paul was incredibly helpful to me as I was moving between states to help me figure out my best heath insurance options. Being self employed, the options can be daunting and expensive. But Paul was patient and thoughtful in laying out my options and even recommending the best course of action. I didn’t have time or expertise to sort through tons of information and he was great at cutting to the chase and presenting me with 2-3 best options to choose from. He understood my priorities and made sure they were met. Then after my coverage started, he patiently answered my questions about current coverage and strategizing how to respond to my potentially changing health care needs. You can’t go wrong with Paul. I recommend him without hesitation.

  21. Paul gave me exceptional service and found me the best plan for my needs. He is great to work with!

  22. Paul has been helping us for a few years with the confusing world of medical insurance. He is knowledgeable, helpful and makes the process much easier than it could be.

  23. Mitzi & Philip Hurst says

    Paul Hanlon is an exceptional insurance broker! He is always available to help with all of our insurance needs. He is dedicated, very thorough, and always willing to listen and recommend the best plans available. I would gladly recommend Paul for any of your insurance needs.

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