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Hello! I’m Paul Hanlon. Would you like to:

• Lower your health insurance premiums.
• Explore higher quality or additional coverage.
• Transition from a high-cost COBRA plan.
• Obtain insurance for early retirement.
• Find an affordable Medicare supplement.
• Get insured after you’ve been cancelled or denied coverage.

I am an authorized agent for Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of North Carolina. I continually monitor their plans and rates to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. My goal is to understand your unique needs, research your options, and share with you the advantages and limitations of the plans available. There is never a charge for my services. You will pay the same premium for the policy you choose whether you take advantage of my services or not. Yet because of my experience, I’m often able to recommend plans that will save you money without compromising your coverage.

I’d be happy to meet you in person or connect over the phone or through email. If your schedule does not allow you to meet during regular business hours, I can be available on an evening or weekend. Once you purchase a policy through me, I continue to serve as your agent to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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